I   R   I   S

Presented by the Axle Contemporary Art Truck in conjunction with the Santa Fe Institute

The IRIS prototype can be experienced at Santa Fe's InterPlanetary Festival and Currents New Media Festival

June 8th panel from 12:00-1:00 - "Future Evolution of the Brain-Body on Earth and In Space" 

IRIS and Stephen Auger were featured Saturday, June 9th on NPR's Morning Edition

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Perceptual ride.jpg

"It felt like I was in the Aurora Borealis."

IRIS is a mind-bending perceptual ride that sends you on a journey into the inner cosmos of your own imagination.

By reactivating the senses through the magics of light, color, sound and story, every IRIS trip explores enhancing the human experience. Our senses are our tools of interface with our selves, each other, and this infinite universe.

They empower us to embrace life and opportunity. They energize us to discover creativity and possibility.

For through seeing, being, feeling anew, who knows what we can do?

This is a unique and forgotten spectrum of exploration, where wonder arises from the awe of adventure.

This is the resynchrony we're calling WeSynchrony.

This is IRIS.