Veils Untitle 15.jpg


The Veils series of paintings by artist Stephen Auger.



The veil is a metaphor for the numerous experiences, emotions, and physiological processes that impact perception. When we wake up in the morning, we look through the veil of our dreams. Then, as we go about the day, we look through the veils of insecurity, excitement, or fear. Neuroscience tells us that whatever we look at is actually informed by what we just looked at: our eyes accumulate images that are burned into our retina. Additionally, the periodic flow of cerebral spinal fluid over the optic nerve produces very subtle color veils. 

In the Veils series, some paintings feature expansive fields of color layered one over another, creating an overall sense of constant energy and harmony. Others, with their thick bands of color and tonal variations that alternately keep us at bay or draw us in, are reminiscent of heavy curtains. Their dark, shadowy folds beckon, inviting us to go deeper into the work and to imagine what lies just beyond.

The Veil paintings are very symbolic to me. This is really about the journey. There are a lot of places to go in, to slip in.